SmartGuard SiS (Security Information System)

SmartGuard SiS

Cyber-GuardWant REAL peace of mind without the human element? Then how about removing the RISK factor we call HUMANS and have all your Camera’s MONITORED by a SUPER SMART Artificial Intelligence 24/7 365 days a year!..Welcome SmartGuard SiS

What is SmartGuard SiS?

Unexpected break-ins, thefts and even attacks at home or at your business is, unfortunately, a reality today. We can help effectively neutralize your risk via early warning.

The coward makes use of an advantage tactic – the element of surprise (EOS). With SmartGuard SiS you get to turn EOS in your favour, and you surprise the attacker, on your terms.

Our SmartGuard SiS is a first in the world and there is no equal at present, especially not at such an affordable price. SmartGuard SiS makes your cameras smart to behave like guards who can recognize and report threats early, but at a fraction of the cost and risk. SmartGuard SiS enables you to own a state of the art SiS (security information system), as opposed to simple motion alarms or recordings.

Developed by the original DSTV system design engineer! A South African success story.

What if you saw them coming?  How would that change the element of surprise? Check out the sample below:

“It happens so quick” you might cry… “never had a chance to prevent this horrible loss!”

But what if you could add a simple intelligent AI system to your cameras that could give you more than 10 minutes warning?
What kind of surprise would you arrange for these chaps?

SmartGuard SiS can help you do exactly that!

The moment our SmartGuard detects a thread or intrusion the owner or ADMIN are alerted VIA our APP with an image and 8 to 10sec  video clip…



10min later… (If only they had our SmartGuard installed…)

Makes your old or new cameras smart like human guards through utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) and saves you guarding and observation fees.

You receive a photographic push notification of incidents, directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC at the time of an imminent threat, and you are empowered to make fast, logical and wise decisions towards defense or avoidance.

Our unique SmartGuard system or SiS (Security Information System) is not like your standard  VMS (Video management server) where you sit and review old or historical footage…Or like your Local DVR where you have to scan through yesterday’s incident…Or like your 5 security guards WHO are secretly exchanging information about your premises…Or the control room operator on Social Media instead of monitoring your camera feed…

Our SmartGuard SiS or AI (Artificial Intelligence) runs on a Deep Neural learning algorithm and runs on a Cloud database with over 4.5 Billion Video and Image content to compare within real-time. In other words, our SmartGuard will remove the need for on-site security guards and the need to have your CCTV system monitored remotely by a 3rd party security company. Each and every camera will be monitored 24/7 by our SmartGuard.

SmartGuard Sis works perfectly for:

– Residential
– Retail
– Business
– Farms
– Schools
– Old Age Homes/Elderly Homes

SmartGuard SiS Price: Installation and Hardware @ R6999 once off and R499 per month for every 8 Camera’s on the account.

Pro’s of our SmartGuard SiS

  • Removes the risk associated with Human Behavior
  • Turns the element of surprise back into your favour!
  • Gives you 1st hand knowledge!
  • Saves cost by eliminating or reducing the need for onsite security guards
  • Saves cost by eliminating or reducing the need for offsite monitoring by a 3rd party company
  • All your camera feed (s) will be monitored 24/7. No toilet breaks!
  • Our SmartGuard SiS becomes smarter as it learns. (Deep Neural Learning)
  • Eliminates False alarms caused by Beams, Alarm’s, Trees, animals etc.
  • Can distinguish between Cats, dogs and birds…Bey bey Stupid BEAM!
  • Can distinguish between Cars, Bikes, Trucks and bicycles…
  • Detects: Fighting, unusual movement, loitering, creepy crawling or rolling etc.
  • Can detect if a person falls on the ground (Injured or Elderly Person)
  • Unusual behavior, individual, group or crowd
  • Low on DATA costs
  • We will continuously work to add functionality, algorithms and new and exiting features as we go.

SmartGuard SiS – Person detection

Cyber-Guards Person Detection

Cyber-Guard Fighting DetectedOnce the SmartGuard SiS is installed (Mini Computer) on your CCTV network each camera feed will stream through the SiS. The SiS will analyze each frame of each camera in real-time. If a thread is detected an Image of the incident and a short video clip will be sent to the preferred device a the time, this can be a mobile phone, tablet, PC, or notebook. These alerts can be sent to the Homeowner, Farmer, Manager, Security Guard on-site, etc. The event will be saved on the Cloud so you can view previous events. UP to 3 is left in the Cloud, Why do you need more?.

The SmartGuard SiS effectively replaces all your “Dumb” or “Dead” cameras with our SmartGuard SiS that analyzes each frame in real-time, ready in an instant to take action24/7…while your Security Guard is heating up his noodles in the guard room…

Once tour SmartGuard SiS detects what it perceives as a thread it will alert the administrator (s) or account holder (s).

The person WHO received the alert whether it’s the homeowner, Farmer, or Manager gets FIRST-HAND INFORMATION and can now make the necessary decisions and take action. Not relying on a 3rd party to report to them via the grapevines.

The alert comes in the form of an image and a short video clip of 8 to 10 seconds.  The feed can also be viewed live right from the software on your preferred device (s) in real-time, live…It just does not go to sleep…


Cyber-Guard LoiteringAre you paying your employees to work or loiter?

First of all, SmartGuard SiS saves lives, yours, and those you love. Secondly, it protects your valuables and assets. If your a homeowner it does just that and will save money if you do not have to buy that Bicycle again…and again.

If your a company and you have active onsite-security guards then you CAN save a Small fortune. We can minimize or eliminate the amount of active Human Guards onsite saving you monthly on each and every security guard that becomes redundant.  A basic Security Guard can cost UP to R20 000 per month.

You will also reduce or eliminate the need for offsite monitoring by a 3rd company saving you about R499 per camera.

Well, we are removing the element that is the cause of the problem in the first place, HUMANS. Humans are lazy, lie, steal, sleeping on duty, can’t verify needed information,  speak out and they are most of the time not equipped to handle any severe stressful situations when they arise not to mention they do not have the necessary or lack of proper/sufficient  security training to do a proper threat or risk assessment.  Just give it over to SmartGuard SiS already…

Remote monitoring is when you have all your Camera feeds monitored by a 3rd party security company or just a company monitoring the feed live from a dedicated control room offsite. The first problem is they charge you per camera to monitor the feed and this can start from R499 per camera. The second issue is the fact that you now rely on a few humans to monitor WHO knows how many Camera feeds of WHO know many different companies?

Now, these operators are Human and they have to blink, eat, take a break, change shifts, yawn, check whatsapp, check Facebook… WAM BAM..thank you Sam…A couple of guys jumped the fence…Need not say more.

….not to bore you to death but in simple terms its a peace of code that can learn just like a baby. The AI learns under a supervised environment whatever it is given to learn, then with Algorithms it can make intelligent decisions and more so as time goes on…

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